Coaching Opportunities

Do you have an hour or so once a week to spare in the spring or fall? No practices. No play-offs. No angry competition. Just fun! You don’t have to know much about baseball. You just need a heart for the players and a compassionate, enthusiastic spirit. It’s the most rewarding coaching experience you’ll ever have.

In a 2011 survey, 100% of Miracle League families said they would recommend our program to others. The number one reason? Our coaches!


“Coaching The Miracle League has been one of the greatest blessings in my and my son Jack’s lives. It is truly a miraculous experience, not only for the players, coaches, and buddies, but also for the families of the players. I thank God for how rich this makes so many lives. I am a coach, and I love all the kids! They make me rich!”                                        
-Frank B. Yarborough

To make a difference in the life of someone with special needs, please contact us at or call 919.238.0333.