Organization of Players

The Miracle League of the Triangle provides individuals (ages 5 and older) the opportunity to play baseball in a safe, fun environment on an organized league.

We currently serve nearly 500 players per season. To ensure a positive experience for each player, teams are organized according to grade level and ability, featuring youth and adult leagues. Field assignments (North Wake or Cary) are based on a player’s home address.

In our traditional league play, each game has two innings, and every player bats once per inning. The rules are simple:

  • Every player scores a run before the inning is over.
  • The last batter in the line-up hits a “home run.”
  • No strikes, outs or fouls are called.
  • Community volunteers serve as “buddies” to assist the players one-on-one.
  • Games are noncompetitive so everybody wins.
  • No practice required- just arrive 20 minutes before scheduled game time.

Additional details:

  • We play two eight-week seasons each year during spring and fall.
  • Games last approximately one hour.
  • Each team has one head coach, as many as four assistant coaches, and no more than 15 players.
  • Every player receives a uniform jersey and ball cap.
  • Each player is announced by a personalized nickname and theme song.
  • Registration fee is $35 per season, with exceptions made for hardships.

Contact (919) 238-0333 or to learn more.

Let’s Play Ball!